Cream Cheese Chicken Squares

Well, I definitely dont claim to be a food photog, but I do like to share recipes with you all so please excuse my terrible picture tutorial for this recipe 🙂  I often take pictures when I am cooking these days, rather than setting up a photo booth with beautiful lighting so it is usually dark and poor photography conditions.  Nevertheless, if you want a new, easy and quick recipe to try out, give this one a try!


2 cups chopped cooked chicken

3 ounces cream cheese

2 Tbs melted butter

2 Tbs chopped green onion

2 Tbs milk

Salt and Pepper to taste

2 cans crescent rolls

3-4 Tbs seasoned bread crumbs

*I use rotisserie chicken that has been pulled off the bone, then chopped.  I typically always have rotisserie chicken on hand for just such an occasion or for other easy chicken recipes.


*Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

1.  Cream together, the cream cheese and melted butter

2.  Add rest of ingredients except bread crumbs and rolls

3.  Using two crescent rolls, place the long, diagonal sides together and press the seams closed forming a rectangle.  Spoon some of the chicken mixture in the middle of the square like so:

4.  Pull two opposite, diagonal corners together like so:

5.  Then pull one of the other corners towards the middle like so and press the diagonal seams together:

6.  Then pull the remaining corner towards the middle and make sure all seams are pressed together well to prevent leakage when cooked. This step is the most challenging but not TOO difficult.  After you have made them a time or two, you will get better and it also makes a difference the amount of chicken mixture you have in the middle.  About one tablespoon is the best amount in my experience.

7.  Continue until all your squares are made.  If you have extra, you can roll them up like regular croissants and bake at the same time.

8.  Sprinkle a little bread crumbs on each and bake for about 15-20 minutes @ 375 degrees or until cooked thoroughly and a golden color.

Add some veggies and you have a delicious meal 🙂

Matts mom shared this recipe with us a couple of years ago and we make and enjoy it often.  Thanks Monica!


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