WOW! Its been a while…

Well since I last posted, a lot has happened in my neck of the woods…

A brief summary, if you will:

Early in December, we traveled to Tulsa, OK to visit my family for a tweener Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration

(my sis and hubby decorating my moms tree)

Then we came back for about a week or two and celebrated Christmas with our labmates.  Everyone (except one girl), was staying here in Utah for the holidays, so we celebrated together.  I made my first every turkey and it turned out deee-licious!  Thanks for the recipe mom!

(Me using my injector on the turkey)

Then, we headed to Houston for an impromptu visit with family and to be with family to celebrate the life of Matts grandad who passed away around Christmas.

(Matt’s dad bought this VW bus for a retirement gift to himself last year.  He has wanted one for a long time and now he has a beautiful one)

(Matt, his grandma Evelyn and me)

Then we came back for about a week and headed to Hawaii for a conference.  Matt was giving a talk, along with our boss, and I was tagging along like a good wife to soak up all the sun and play!  They always seem to host conferences in the  most convenient, beautiful and exotic  locations dont they?  But hey, I wont complain one bit, as long as I get to go too!!!

(One of many beautiful sunsets we enjoyed last week by the ocean.  The whales were giving us a show as well as an added bonus!)

So, this would be the reasons for the shop still being out of commission and my lack of posting.

However, we are back, for now, but I have a big announcement coming soon that I can hardly wait to share with you.  But alas, it will have to wait because I am not organized and ready to announce it yet.  But rest assured, I will post on here when I am ready!

*If you are interested in reading about our Hawaiian adventures, feel free to jump on over to my family blog here and read on! There will be several posts in the coming weeks.


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