The Weekly Thread: I’m baaaaaack, and with a giveaway!

Well folks, its been a long time, I know, but hopefully I am back to the blog for the foreseeable future!  And hopefully you forgive me for being gone so long.

A lot has happened in my personal and business life in the past 9 months.  And its been quite a crazy ride.  We moved to Salt Lake City from St. Louis for my hubby’s job.  He was doing the same job, under the same boss as StL, but at a different university because the boss had accepted a position that moved their lab there.  So we went too!  Salt Lake is an absolutely beautiful city, full of loads of outdoor adventures of all kinds.  And we made some wonderful lifelong friends there.  But after a very short, 8 month stay, we moved yet again to a northern suburb of Houston, Texas (where Matt grew up).  He was offered a fantastic job, in a great location that we just couldn’t turn down so here we are, back in Texas and loving it!  And best of all, it is a permanent job that will allow us to finally buy our first ever house and let me do my crafty stuff full time!!!

That right, FULL TIME!!!

I am beyond excited about this because being crafty, baking, cooking, organizing, designing (all the time), is pretty much my dream job. And thanks to my darling Matty, that dream has come true!  A gal I was talking to yesterday described herself as a “domestic goddess” when I was talking to her about her job and I liked that so I think I am going to steal her title for myself.

Shannon Meredith, domestic goddess.  That had a good ring doesn’t it 🙂 M

A bit narcissistic perhaps, but it does sound a bit better than:

Shannon Meredith,  stay at home crafter that sometimes doesnt fix  her hair and wears work out clothes all day. 

Well, I will work on it.  In the meanwhile, just one more bit of news to share.  Yesterday was my big 3-o birthday!!!  Yep, I have joined Club 3o, as I like to call it, and there is no going back now.  I just have a short decade to enjoy it until Club 40 is knocking on my door!  In light of the celebration, I have a special giveaway to kick off my 30th year of life and my return to the crafting blogging world!  Since winter didn’t really exist and summer is just around the corner, this time, I am giving away some of my new products:  bracelets.

There will be 5 winners and each winner will have their choice bracelet below:

The Wrap Bracelet

that can also be worn as a necklace.

The Pendant Bracelet

and The Rope Bracelet.

and with their choice of these colors:

Now for the rules.  Its quite simple.  Just become a fan on my Facebook fanpage:  Urban Owl Knittery.  If you are a fan already, thanks!  You are automatically entered.  If you aren’t, you better do it or you won’t be entered into the contest.  And everyone is invited to share the link to this post of their FB profile and/or page, Twitter account, blog, other social media.  It’s all good to me!  I would love all the advertising to help others know that I am back in action and to increase my community of followers on FB.  I am very near 300 now but how wonderful would it be to get up to 350 or even more!

The contest starts immediately and ends on March 27th!  I will announce the winners promptly afterwards and get started on your winnings! 

Again, I am so excited to be back and making new fun things and updating the blog!  I have been out-of-pocket for way too long.  I still plan on making my own website (aside from Etsy) but that is still a long ways away.  My current project, in between orders, is to update all my info on this page.  Then go from there.  Thanks again friends, and as always, please feel free to leave suggestions for things you would like to see on the site.

Shannon 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Weekly Thread: I’m baaaaaack, and with a giveaway!

  1. Yay! So glad that you are able to fully focus on this! And I could use a few more bracelets to accompany those I have already purchased!

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