Announcing: the new blog format!

Bum, ba duh bum!!!!!!!!

Here it is, my new and improved crafty blog.  I have been working on updates and re-formatting for a few weeks now and it’s ready to be unveiled to you. Let me first explain the name.

For weeks and weeks, I had that song, “I’m Sexy And I Know It” stuck in my head.  Only sometimes the preggo you-tube version also.  Then I started singing my one little version called, you guessed it, “Im Crafty And I Know It.”  It went something like this:

“I’m crafty and I know it…Hey, look at my knitting.  Hey, look at my baking.  Hey, look at my crafting.  I LOVE YARN!”

You get the idea…and now fully realize how much of a nerd I am 🙂  Probably only my sister, mom, husband and Katie will appreciate this since they are the ones that know how much I like to make up my own versions of existing songs!  Matt suggested we make a YouTube video but I doubt that will happen.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.

But anyway, I have taken some snap shots of different portions of the website so I can give you a walk through and show you where all the new stuff is.  So here it goes:

First, I would like to draw your attention to the tabs at the top of the homepage.  Here is where you can find more information about me, if you didnt know already :), about my Indie biz, the current charities I am involved in with my knitting & crocheting and most importantly, easy access to my recipe and tutorial journals.  Just click on any of these tabs and they will take you to where you want to go.

When you click on any of the top tabs, the page it takes you to will look like this one.  The example below is of my recipe journal.  I have organized it similar to many food bloggers…topically with links to individual blog posts about a certain recipe.  Just click on the title of the dish and it will direct you to the blog I wrote about it (which includes the recipe of course)!  This is an ever-growing list so right now, all categories might not have a recipe for it.

Also, I should note that at the bottom of this recipe journal are links to some other bakers/food bloggers that I follow.

The tutorials tab is organized in the same way as the recipe journal.  Just click on the topic of interest and it will direct you to the blog post I wrote.

Next, I would like to direct you to the side bar of my homepage.  At the top is where you can find a topical search bar that allows you to search the blog for anything you are looking for or old blogs.  And just underneath is a new feature I didn’t have before.  Here I will announce things like giveaways Urban Owl Knittery is participating in on other blogs, or local venues I am involved with as well.

Underneath is the link to my Etsy shop as well as my Facebook page for easy access.  Make sure to “like” my FB page if you dont already.  I do some giveaways just on there from time to time and post different stuff that doesn’t always make it on the blog.

Another new feature is this donations tab on my sidebar.  It is for anyone to donate funds towards the purchase of yarn that will solely be used to make hats that will be donated to the newborns at Memorial  Hermann Hospital in The Woodlands, TX.  Currently, that is the only place that I donate hats to on a regular basis but I plan to add other charities as time goes on.  You can read more about “Beanies for Bambinos” in my Giving Back section at the top of the homepage.  And please BY NO MEANS, feel like you have to donate.  I just have it here in case anyone wants to and because it has been mentioned to me in the past.

Then following the donate tab, is an index about some topics that I write about on my blog.

Next, at the bottom of my sidebar is an index of the fabulous photographers I have had the pleasure to work with and a few that I just love along with the links to their websites.  They are located in cities all over the country so make sure to check them out if you are looking for someone to photograph your next photo session.

Lastly, there is a tab to some other great crafting bloggers that I enjoy and get inspiration from.

I hope this little walk though has been helpful and that you enjoy the new setup as much as I do.  My goal in changing the format was to inspire me to write more for your benefit and mine.  Because I must admit, writing blogs is challenging for me!  Here’s to new designs and crafting…cheers!


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