Artist Profile: Cody Vance and ML Leather


Again, I have failed at being a good blogger.  Not sure that I will ever be good at it. But that just means I am having lots of fun creating and meeting lots of other great artists and crafters, right?


And although it’s been a while since I have blogged last, I wanted to make sure to introduce you to one of my new friends that I met this summer.  You know he must be pretty awesome since I chose to write my first blog in MONTHS about him!

Everyone, meet Cody:

Cody is the founder of ML Leather, a small leather business located in The Woodlands, Texas.

Here is a little info about how ML Leather got started, straight from Cody himself:

“In the fall of 2010 I had an idea to create products that were strictly hand-crafted using traditional tools of the trade. By doing this, the product became something so much more than a profitable item. It became something personal; it became a piece of art that I put all of my physical and emotional energy into. I wanted to be able to create something with my own two hands that stood apart from the world I was surrounded by. I wanted to give something to people who could use and gain memories with. Leather over time ages, every scratch or distressed spot holds a story. A story that could easily be passed down to generations to come”

The talented men of ML Leather combine usefulness and function with traditional craftsmanship in all their handmade goods.

Check out some of my favorites…such as this nifty iPad case:

Look how cool it is!

It even has the capability of being used as a stand to hold your iPad while in use.  I really love this item but since I am probably one of very few people in this area, I don’t have an iPad and can’t use one…wah wah 😦

Another one of my favorite items is this:

The Fisherman’s Wallet

It’s slim, yet has so many hidey-holes for all your goods!  Below is a little schematic of how it works:

Perhaps though, I have just spotted the item I would like to get this week at the market, the iPhone Envelope Case.

Simple, and perfect.   The pocket opens up on the side and you just slide your phone right in!

But guess what?

Did you know that they and in the middle of their Kickstarter Project?

It’s true!  They were also featured on the front page the very first week it was posted!  This video says it more simply than I could:

If you go here and donate, you can score some of these leather goods for yourself and help out a small business, all in one fail swoop!

The original goal was $3500, which was met!  YAY!

However, they are trying to reach a new goal of $7000 with the deadline of October 21st quickly approaching.

I have truly enjoyed getting to know Cody this summer and am glad I have finally been able to introduce him and ML Leather to you!  And as a recap, here are all the ways you can keep up with ML Leather and where you can find them locally and on the web:

Shop online:  The Leather Nomad

Kickstarter Donation Webpage


**You can also find ML Leather at the Feast of Artisans Farmers Market that I participate in on Wednesday afternoons from 4-8 locally in the Woodlands, TX.

Outtakes from the shop

(Cody and his son, River)



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