Rewind to spring time last year…

Since we are springing forward one hour tonight, I thought I would take a minute and reminisce to spring time last year when I had my first opportunity to “dabble” in newborn photography with baby Deaton.  Now he is almost a year old!!  This is one of my favorite hats to make for little guys so I am so happy to finally share these precious pictures with you.

This first one is my favorite.  He was born right around Easter so we got to use this bunny AND, you can see more of his face than the other photo.

deaton newborn 195

I got this scale for a bargain on my first trip to Canton, TX for the First Monday Trade Days last March.  Oh, I guess that was exactly a year ago now.  Goodness, time flies.  I had been wanting one for a while, just because, and was so excited to find this one.  In the past year it has been used in a few sessions with newborns and to aid in my market displays so I have already gotten some fun use out of it.

deaton newborn 192

One thing I learned when photographing a newborn with a scale of this sort is to put a blanket or something under the blanket to make the surface a little more level.  That’s the problem in this photo with not being able to see his whole little face.  Obviously, I’m not a pro but it was sure was fun to play photographer for a day.  And Deaton was such a good first baby to practice with.  He was so sleepy and very tolerant of all the moving and changing of clothes 🙂  Thanks for sharing the photos Jenni!!

Dont forget to turn your clocks AHEAD one hour tonight!  Yay for more hours of sunlight in the day!!!!


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