The Weekly Thread: My Birthday Giveaway!!

Whoa guys and gals!  It’s been FOR-EV-ERRRRR since I have done a giveaway.  Nearing a year now…that’s much too long.  Plus, its my birthday month and I always like to do a giveaway for my birthday.  So without further ado, the newest giveaway from Urban Owl!

This  year, Urban Owl will be adding another facet to its online shopping biz…PATTERNS!  We will be starting out with turning some of the fan favorite items from years past into patterns for purchase and giveaway and adding new ones as well.  But to get things started, I want to hear from you!  What Urban Owl items would you like to learn how to make?  Or if you aren’t a  knitter or crocheter, what items are your favorite?  That will help me decide which pattern(s) to write out first.

Rules for this contest are simple:

Required entry for this contest:

1.  Check out the Urban Owl Facebook page and look through the albums to find some of your favorite items.  Comment on THIS BLOG POST and let me know which item(s) you would like to see written into a pattern.  (1 entry)

Additional entry options for contest but not required:

1. If you feel so inclined, become a follower and “like” Urban Owl on Facebook.  Or if you are already one of my awesome followers, just put a reminder in your blog comment so I know and count your entry.  (1 entry)

2.  Share this link about the contest on your personal FB page, FB biz page, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, etc. (if applicable).  The more you share, the more entries you can get.  (up to 5 additional entries)


Contest starts NOW and will run for two weeks, ending on MARCH 25th at midnight CST.  The winner will be determined using a number generator from and will be announced the following week. 

I have had a lot of fun making these new home accessory items the past few months so the winner of this contest will receive their choice of these five items pictured below:

{Zinnia Pillow – $30.00 value}

Pictured in Beige and Marigold and measures 12″ x 12″.

A great accent piece to your room or a lovely gift for a friend.


{Hanging Basket – $20.00 value}

Pictured in Mustard

The baskets are made to hang on door knobs or hooks and hold items such as, fruit, keys, dog leashes, etc.  But can also be used in babys room hung above the changing table to hold different diapering items or even in your bathroom to hold toiletries or decorative items.


{Wool Felted Dryer Balls, set of 6 – $30.00}

Dryer balls are a great alternative to using dryer sheets.  They naturally cut down on your drying time by soaking up moisture from your wet clothes and help prevent static.  You can just throw them in the dryer with your clothes, run your dryer cycle, and leave them there for the next time.  They bounce around with the clothes and allow air to flow better between clothes allowing for faster dry time.  And they are much quieter than the tennis ball alternative.  Each is made with 100% wool and can be reused over and over again for years.  They may shrink in size a bit because the felting process will continue with use and the balls will become more compact naturally.  Currently, the dryer balls are unscented but if you could add some essential oils for fragrance if you  wanted to do so.


{Flower Garland -$25.00 value}

Pictured in grapefruit, cream, banana, and aqua and measures approx. 7′ in length.

This garland is great for so many decorative purposes in your home or for parties. Use them to add some character to your photo displays, on the wall over a crib, on your curtain rod or as a tie back for curtains, as part of your centerpiece, under your mantle or for added cuteness to your shower table decor.  The options are virtually endless!


{Pennant Garland – $25.00 value}

Pictured in shades of pink with 6 textured pennants on a 7′ chain.

  Pennant garlard, while probably a little less versatile than the flower garland, is still so cute for many occasions.  Like for a photo session for example.  Use it for your upcoming session or give to a photographer friend.

*Disclaimer:  this hat is not one of my creations and is not an option for one of the prizes.  Just the banner!*559810_10152648981770393_525388792_n

**The winner of the contest will choose the item they want and the color scheme.  It doesn’t have to be the colors pictured in these images.**

So that’s it!  Thanks in advance for your participation and for supporting Urban Owl.  The first pattern I will write up will be chosen from the top three submissions posted by you guys and I can’t wait to see what you choose!


5 thoughts on “The Weekly Thread: My Birthday Giveaway!!

  1. I would like to see a pattern for the scarf you have pictured that is repeating block colors of olive green, yellow, periwinkle, and red.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!
    The patterns I would like to see are your button flowers, tiaras, headbands, and the knit beanie with a brim. I ooh and ahh over your stuff at Cherry Blossom.
    I’ve liked, shared, and pinned this post as well.

  3. I love all of your stuff but alas I do not knit and so patterns not help me for I will just continue to pay you to do all the hard work for me and I reap the benefits. You know I follow you and I will tweet and share this via facebook too!

  4. I’d love a pattern for those pumpkins you made last Fall!
    I Liked your page already and have shared this, too on my Facebook page.
    Happy Birthday!!

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