Criss Cross Hair Wrap

Last week I designed a new fun headband, perfect to keep hair out of your face when you are working out or if you just want to add a cute accent to your outfit but not be too dressy.



Just four simple steps to putting it on and your ready to go:

1.  Position the fabric strip at the base of your neck, holding the loose ends in each hand.  I like to wear the knot off center rather than at the top of my head.
2.  Cross once, then cross again.
3.  Tie a bow in the back.
4.  Push into place on your head, then voila!  criss cross hair wrap jpgI have worn this headband for the past couple of weeks and it stays in place really well through just regular daily wear and workouts too.  In fact, I even wore it at a trampoline gym, jumping for about an hour and it stayed in place without a hitch.  It’s made with a soft cotton/acrylic blend yarn and can be washed in the washing machine when necessary.  I would suggest using a delicate bag though so it doesn’t get tangled around clothes or in the mechanism during agitation.
All twelve color options are currently for sale at Cherry Blossom Yoga in North Houston but will be available in the shop, when I return from vacation in mid-July 2013.  *Many many thanks to my sis for helping with the photos and being so patient when I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  Love you!


2 thoughts on “Criss Cross Hair Wrap

  1. These are cute pics–you both did a great job–you as model and sis as photographer. I was admiring your headband Sunday night. For some reason I think I was distracted from ever mentioning it. 🙂 Can’t imagine why. You know how calm and tranquil my children are.

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