{All About The Knitster}

Welcome to my crafty-lady blog!  That’s me, Shannon, there on the left and my sweet hubby, Matt!  And as many of you know by now, I am a knitting/crocheting/cooking/baking/sewing/homemaking fanatic! Hence, the new name of my blog.  I went back and forth between a few contending names, but decided on this one over such choices as:  “The Velocicrafter (submitted by Matt), “Confessions of a Craftaholic” and “Don’t Hate Me “Cause I’m Crafty.”  All great choices but I liked this one best.

Since I was a small kiddo, I have always loved crafting.  But never really thought of myself as an artist, per say.  In fact, I have really thought of myself more as a scientist or analytical person.  Which is why I got a degree in Biology and was actively pursuing a job in the medical field.  However, after some failed attempts to get into the school I wanted to go to, some reflecting on my goals in life and through many different job experiences (which I believe was the working of God’s hands), I ended up where I am today – a artist, and proud of it!  Who knew? Oh gosh, and now with the existence of Pinterest, the projects on my “to-do” list are endless!  Thank goodness I have a loving and supporting husband that doesn’t mind me crafting all the time and rubs my fingers when they are tired! He’s the best!!

For the past few years, we have been moving all over the country for Matt’s post-graduate work but he just landed a tremendous job in The Woodlands, TX (a northern suburb of Houston where he grew up) and we think we are here for the long haul this time!  With his new job, comes more flexibility for us and has provided me the opportunity to devote my full attention to my hobby-job, Urban Owl Knittery.  As well as any other crafting that I want to do!

We have just purchased our first home and I cannot wait to start designing and decorating it!  This blog will hopefully chronicle  my journey as a stay-at-home crafter/homemaker and provide you with information, links and tutorials on how to do crafty projects yourself.  Or at the very least, where you can buy such things.  I realize that not everyone loves crafting as much as me and would much rather just buy it!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something that is fun and helpful for you!

Shannon 🙂

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3 thoughts on “{All About The Knitster}

  1. Shannon – I am so impressed! You are quite talented!!! I would love to buy a hat for Elayna to wear this winter with a big flower on it. My friend is also having a baby in October so I would also like to buy a newborn hat for her newborn daughter. we can chat more about what to get for my friend. Very cool stuff!!!

  2. I too live in The Woodlands and am a knitter (but not at your level). Do you know of any knitting groups in our area? I only know of some that meet at Twisted Yarn in Spring. I am looking for one in The Woodlands to meet people with the same obsession – knitting.
    I love your work!

    • Hi Penny!

      I dont know of a specific group but would also like to get involved in something next year. I know there are activities (and maybe groups) that meet at iPurl off of 242 and I-45 but have never participated myself. If you start one or hear of anything, let me know. Crocheting and knitting is so fun! If you want, follow my FB page and if I start something or hear of anything, I’ll post on there.

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