Birthday Giveaway Winner 2013

Thanks to all the ladies who participated in this giveaway!  And thanks for your patience for the winner drawing.  My computer was out of commission due to a hard drive crash until this morning but now the new one is in and I am back in business!  I drew the winner, as always, with … Continue reading

The Weekly Thread: My Birthday Giveaway!!

Whoa guys and gals!  It’s been FOR-EV-ERRRRR since I have done a giveaway.  Nearing a year now…that’s much too long.  Plus, its my birthday month and I always like to do a giveaway for my birthday.  So without further ado, the newest giveaway from Urban Owl! This  year, Urban Owl will be adding another facet … Continue reading

The Weekly Thread Giveaway – March Winners

  The time has come for me to announce the winners!  YAY! I didn’t quite reach 300 but got pretty close.  Just a few left. The numbers below were chosen randomly out of 197 possibilities.   And the five winners are: 8 – Jose Salinas 26 – Danielle Kelly Wilson 240 -Cathy Zimmerman Johnson 289 … Continue reading

Strung By Color Giveaway #2

As promised, Jenny started her next giveaway for her celebratory week.  Click here to enter!  The winner gets a custom made order valued at $20.00!  You can have a gift made for you or for a Christmas gift for a friend!  Why wouldn’t you want to enter 🙂  And you better hurry because the contest … Continue reading

A blog-iversary has occured…

…but its for my bloggie friend Jenny from Strung By Color! Jenny is celebrating her one year anniversary of starting her crafty lady blog. I am so honored to be a part of her giveaway celebrations and would love for all my readers to show her some love, hop on over to her blog, and … Continue reading

October Giveaway Winners!

And without further ado, here are the winners for this month! As you remember, you had up to 5 ways to enter.  I counted up all the entries and had generate the 5 winners and here they are: 1.  Emily Michael 2. Jamie Adkins 3. Christine Geiger 4. Sarah Moody 5. Camille Brady Each … Continue reading

The Weekly Thread – My Etsy-versary!

Thats right people! Its been ONE.WHOLE.YEAR since I started the Etsy shop. I cant believe it AND I cant believe how blessed I am that it has gone so well to this point.  When I look at the stuff I now know how to make, compared to when I first learned 3 years ago, it … Continue reading

The Weekly Thread – September Giveaway

This month is another special giveaway! A while ago, I wrote this post about Kirsten and introducing you to her.  We are blog friends that have met though a mutual friend.  She is a fantastic photographer and resides in the Atlanta area.  If you live nearby, you should definately contact her about your next photography … Continue reading

The Weekly Thread – August Giveaway!

This month, I am doing a little something different.  A friend of mine from Oklahoma City started a new blog called “Life To Her Years” – a blog about raising daughters.  And to mark his 100th post this weekend, he is doing a giveaway of one of my girlie hats on his blog. The winner … Continue reading