Criss Cross Hair Wrap

Last week I designed a new fun headband, perfect to keep hair out of your face when you are working out or if you just want to add a cute accent to your outfit but not be too dressy.   Just four simple steps to putting it on and your ready to go: 1.  Position … Continue reading

DIY Painted Chevron Wall

I did it!  Hoo-rah!  I finally made my statement wall.  We have this floating wall of sorts in our living room that to me, was screaming for a fun design.  I was waivering between chevron or some sort of trellis design but in the end, I decided to go with chevron because frankly, I thought … Continue reading

Announcing: the new blog format!

Bum, ba duh bum!!!!!!!! Here it is, my new and improved crafty blog.  I have been working on updates and re-formatting for a few weeks now and it’s ready to be unveiled to you. Let me first explain the name. For weeks and weeks, I had that song, “I’m Sexy And I Know It” stuck … Continue reading

Im sooooo making this REAL soon!

I know I say things like this alot, but I really am going to.  I am loving this new Google Calendar scheduling of mine and feel it is really helping me stay on track.  I am no less busier, but stay on task better and know what I am going to make and when. But … Continue reading

You too, can make your own t-shirt quilt!

And now, here is my long awaited Gamma Rho t-shirt quilt!  This, friends, has been on my “to-do” list for at least 5+ years and finally a few weeks ago, I just decided that I should do it.  And ironically, I was wearing my only gamma parafanelia that is now not part of this blanket whilst … Continue reading

Slip slidin’ away

Several weeks ago, I saw this post on Craftgawker, and had to try it out.  I was getting frustrated with my complicated slippers (or slips as my sister and I like to call them), so I decided to give this tutorial a try.  Plus I had lots of extra yarn left over from other projects … Continue reading

Sidewalk Dresser Re-vamp

Yep, thats exactly the situation!  While driving in the neighborhood last weekend, my mom and I found a free dresser on the sidewalk at someones house and decided it was fixable.  Matt and I immediately rushed back and picked up the dresser immediately.  It was actually a nice, old wooden dresser that someone decided to … Continue reading

This one is for Katie M…

As previously blogged about here, I finally covered these two ugly ottomans that I bought a year ago at the church garage sale. In the first post I just showed the before and after of the first ottoman, but by request of Katie, I attempted to take step-by-step pictures of how to cover these ottomans … Continue reading