{Giving Back}

It is so very important to me that I find ways to give back to God what is His – whether it be serving my family, my church, my community or various parts of this world.  Taking care of those less fortunate is what we as Christians are called to do.  Sometimes I do a good job of this, and sometimes not.  As many of us do, we make our selves too busy and forget to set time aside for serving.  I am as guilty of this as the next person.  However, one thing I have been super excited about in regards to my new “job” is that I will now have more time in my schedule to regularly make and donate items to different groups or people that are in need.  I feel that since God has blessed me with this ability to create, that I should use it to brighten the lives of those around me.  Listed below are the current projects I am involved in.

Want to get involved with me?

If you crochet or knit and would like to participate in any of these charities or activities, please send me an email at urbanowlknittery@gmail.com and I will be glad to give you more information.  If you would like to contribute to the cause but know nothing about knitting or crocheting, you can donate funds of any amount that will be solely used to purchase yarn to make items for the groups listed below. 

     {Beanies for Bambinos}

Beanies for Bambinos is the name of my personal ministry that I just started after our move to north Houston.  Currently, I make about ten newborn or preemie beanies per month and donate them to the Family Birth Center at The Woodlands location of Memorial Hermann Hospital.  They currently deliver about 300-350 babies per month and maintain about 20-30 NICU babies.   And sadly, demised babies are delivered from time to time too.  Which breaks my heart to even type that sentence.

I know the traditional newborn hat is generally pale blue or pink.  And while they are lovely, its just not my style.  I like to make beanies that are bright (or muted),  with different patterns and textures, and above all – they must bring a smile to the faces or  parents when doting on their new little lovey!  The one exception to this rule is that when I make a beanie for a demised baby, it is a very traditional, angelic white hat because it is certainly more appropriate for the circumstances.

When talking with one of the nurses on my first few visits to the Family Birth Center, she mentioned that the parent’s of the NICU babies are particularly excited to put cute little hats on their tiny babies.  Especially when they fit and are not too big!  And because they are so little, they need to wear hats almost all day long.  She also mentioned that the parents love seeing their babies as “normal” as possible because sometimes their circumstances can be grim or less than ideal for long periods of time.  Just goes to show you that a little love and cheer can go a long way.

That is precisely why this is so near and dear to my heart.  Even though it has just begun, every month, I look forward to creating beanies for these sweet little ones and delivering my package to the hospital!  Everyone I have encountered so far is so nice and encouraging and I am so glad to be able to do this service for them!  There are other women that make and donate hats to this hospital too, but I have yet to meet any of them.

My short term goals for this ministry are to increase the numbers of beanies I am able to make and donate per month and keep making new and fun designs!  My long term goal is to get more people involved in this ministry by either making hats or donating monetarily towards the purchase of yarn and supplies and making this an “official” charity.

It’s not an official charity in the sense that it is registered or trademarked, by any means.  But it’s a start and I pray that it continues to grow over time!


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