Criss Cross Hair Wrap

Last week I designed a new fun headband, perfect to keep hair out of your face when you are working out or if you just want to add a cute accent to your outfit but not be too dressy.



Just four simple steps to putting it on and your ready to go:

1.  Position the fabric strip at the base of your neck, holding the loose ends in each hand.  I like to wear the knot off center rather than at the top of my head.
2.  Cross once, then cross again.
3.  Tie a bow in the back.
4.  Push into place on your head, then voila!  criss cross hair wrap jpgI have worn this headband for the past couple of weeks and it stays in place really well through just regular daily wear and workouts too.  In fact, I even wore it at a trampoline gym, jumping for about an hour and it stayed in place without a hitch.  It’s made with a soft cotton/acrylic blend yarn and can be washed in the washing machine when necessary.  I would suggest using a delicate bag though so it doesn’t get tangled around clothes or in the mechanism during agitation.
All twelve color options are currently for sale at Cherry Blossom Yoga in North Houston but will be available in the shop, when I return from vacation in mid-July 2013.  *Many many thanks to my sis for helping with the photos and being so patient when I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  Love you!


Birthday Giveaway Winner 2013

Thanks to all the ladies who participated in this giveaway!  And thanks for your patience for the winner drawing.  My computer was out of commission due to a hard drive crash until this morning but now the new one is in and I am back in business!  I drew the winner, as always, with and the winner this time is………..JENNA!!! 

march 2013 giveaway winnerThanks so much again and stay tuned for the first pattern, tutorials, and new items to come!

Happy Belated Easter!




The Weekly Thread: My Birthday Giveaway!!

Whoa guys and gals!  It’s been FOR-EV-ERRRRR since I have done a giveaway.  Nearing a year now…that’s much too long.  Plus, its my birthday month and I always like to do a giveaway for my birthday.  So without further ado, the newest giveaway from Urban Owl!

This  year, Urban Owl will be adding another facet to its online shopping biz…PATTERNS!  We will be starting out with turning some of the fan favorite items from years past into patterns for purchase and giveaway and adding new ones as well.  But to get things started, I want to hear from you!  What Urban Owl items would you like to learn how to make?  Or if you aren’t a  knitter or crocheter, what items are your favorite?  That will help me decide which pattern(s) to write out first.

Rules for this contest are simple:

Required entry for this contest:

1.  Check out the Urban Owl Facebook page and look through the albums to find some of your favorite items.  Comment on THIS BLOG POST and let me know which item(s) you would like to see written into a pattern.  (1 entry)

Additional entry options for contest but not required:

1. If you feel so inclined, become a follower and “like” Urban Owl on Facebook.  Or if you are already one of my awesome followers, just put a reminder in your blog comment so I know and count your entry.  (1 entry)

2.  Share this link about the contest on your personal FB page, FB biz page, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, etc. (if applicable).  The more you share, the more entries you can get.  (up to 5 additional entries)


Contest starts NOW and will run for two weeks, ending on MARCH 25th at midnight CST.  The winner will be determined using a number generator from and will be announced the following week. 

I have had a lot of fun making these new home accessory items the past few months so the winner of this contest will receive their choice of these five items pictured below:

{Zinnia Pillow – $30.00 value}

Pictured in Beige and Marigold and measures 12″ x 12″.

A great accent piece to your room or a lovely gift for a friend.


{Hanging Basket – $20.00 value}

Pictured in Mustard

The baskets are made to hang on door knobs or hooks and hold items such as, fruit, keys, dog leashes, etc.  But can also be used in babys room hung above the changing table to hold different diapering items or even in your bathroom to hold toiletries or decorative items.


{Wool Felted Dryer Balls, set of 6 – $30.00}

Dryer balls are a great alternative to using dryer sheets.  They naturally cut down on your drying time by soaking up moisture from your wet clothes and help prevent static.  You can just throw them in the dryer with your clothes, run your dryer cycle, and leave them there for the next time.  They bounce around with the clothes and allow air to flow better between clothes allowing for faster dry time.  And they are much quieter than the tennis ball alternative.  Each is made with 100% wool and can be reused over and over again for years.  They may shrink in size a bit because the felting process will continue with use and the balls will become more compact naturally.  Currently, the dryer balls are unscented but if you could add some essential oils for fragrance if you  wanted to do so.


{Flower Garland -$25.00 value}

Pictured in grapefruit, cream, banana, and aqua and measures approx. 7′ in length.

This garland is great for so many decorative purposes in your home or for parties. Use them to add some character to your photo displays, on the wall over a crib, on your curtain rod or as a tie back for curtains, as part of your centerpiece, under your mantle or for added cuteness to your shower table decor.  The options are virtually endless!


{Pennant Garland – $25.00 value}

Pictured in shades of pink with 6 textured pennants on a 7′ chain.

  Pennant garlard, while probably a little less versatile than the flower garland, is still so cute for many occasions.  Like for a photo session for example.  Use it for your upcoming session or give to a photographer friend.

*Disclaimer:  this hat is not one of my creations and is not an option for one of the prizes.  Just the banner!*559810_10152648981770393_525388792_n

**The winner of the contest will choose the item they want and the color scheme.  It doesn’t have to be the colors pictured in these images.**

So that’s it!  Thanks in advance for your participation and for supporting Urban Owl.  The first pattern I will write up will be chosen from the top three submissions posted by you guys and I can’t wait to see what you choose!

Rewind to spring time last year…

Since we are springing forward one hour tonight, I thought I would take a minute and reminisce to spring time last year when I had my first opportunity to “dabble” in newborn photography with baby Deaton.  Now he is almost a year old!!  This is one of my favorite hats to make for little guys so I am so happy to finally share these precious pictures with you.

This first one is my favorite.  He was born right around Easter so we got to use this bunny AND, you can see more of his face than the other photo.

deaton newborn 195

I got this scale for a bargain on my first trip to Canton, TX for the First Monday Trade Days last March.  Oh, I guess that was exactly a year ago now.  Goodness, time flies.  I had been wanting one for a while, just because, and was so excited to find this one.  In the past year it has been used in a few sessions with newborns and to aid in my market displays so I have already gotten some fun use out of it.

deaton newborn 192

One thing I learned when photographing a newborn with a scale of this sort is to put a blanket or something under the blanket to make the surface a little more level.  That’s the problem in this photo with not being able to see his whole little face.  Obviously, I’m not a pro but it was sure was fun to play photographer for a day.  And Deaton was such a good first baby to practice with.  He was so sleepy and very tolerant of all the moving and changing of clothes 🙂  Thanks for sharing the photos Jenni!!

Dont forget to turn your clocks AHEAD one hour tonight!  Yay for more hours of sunlight in the day!!!!

DIY Painted Chevron Wall

I did it!  Hoo-rah!  I finally made my statement wall.  We have this floating wall of sorts in our living room that to me, was screaming for a fun design.  I was waivering between chevron or some sort of trellis design but in the end, I decided to go with chevron because frankly, I thought it would be easier, and cheaper, since I wouldn’t have to buy a stencil to do chevron.  This was super fun for me to do so I wanted to make a tutorial in case anyone else out there wanted to make a wall like this and needed some guidance.???????????????????????????????I know it looks intimidating but it really wasn’t too hard.  YOU can do it!  I was quite surprised actually with how quick it took me to complete.  The whole process (painting the background wall color, drawing the vertical lines, taping the chevron pattern, painting the gray stripes, taking the tape off, touching up the rough spots) only took about 8 hours in total!!  I thought it would take a whole day just to tape the design 🙂

So, if you want your wall to look like it was slapped with a giant online printable and go from drab to fab, then grab these supplies, read this DIY, block out a day in your schedule and make it happen!

Supplies needed:

*  Two colors of interior paint of your choice

*  Painters tape

*  Paintbrush

*  Pencil

*  Level

*  Touch up brush (I used a little arts and crafts brush)

*  Measuring tape

*  Exacto knife or razor blade

First things first, tape off your wall edges (baseboards, sides, ceiling) and paint your base color on the whole wall.  The easiest thing to do would be to make your lightest color the base and the darkest color will be used to make the stripes after you tape out your design.  Our wall was a boring tan so I first painted it this shade, Antique White (two coats so the brown wouldnt show through), let it dry overnight (only because I started late or I would have just waited about an hour) then started the design process the next morning.

Next, measure the width of your wall with your measuring tape and decide how many rows of chevrons you want on your wall.  Refer to the figure of my wall below.  And sorry in advance that it is kind of a crooked image, but it real life, the design is straight!

I made four chevron rows pointing downward on my almost 9 1/2′ wide wall.  Using my wall as an example, here’s how to calculate the math.  To make these four chevron rows, it will take 9 vertical lines intersecting at the points (with two of those “lines” being the edge of the wall) to make 8 chevron halves.  So, I took my total wall width of 112.5″ and divided it by 8 to get my half chevron width of 14 1/16″.  Then, I drew 7 vertical lines (spaced evenly at my measurement of 14 1/16″ apart) on the wall, and including the two edges of the wall, that gave me my 8 columns that will transform into 4 rows of vertical chevrons.  The black dashed line in the figure below illustrates the vertical lines I drew on my wall to make my 8 spaces.

chevron wall digure

I used a level and pencil to make all the vertical lines on the wall.  Once you have all those lines drawn, then you have to decide how wide you want your chevrons to be and make those intersecting marks on the wall.  I made mine 10″ wide.  So before I started taping the first row, I made two intersecting marks with my pencil on each vertical line.  One mark and 10″ and one at 20″, using my level as a ruler and to make sure my lines and marks were level.  I only did this one row at a time, taped and then repeated until I was finished.


**This first line that touches the ceiling is by far the hardest to tape so dont get discouraged if it takes a long time or you have to start over a few times.  I had to.  That first line of tape took 2-3 times longer for me to get right than each of the other lines.

For me, I wanted the first full row to be gray, so that meant my wall color was going to be the triangles.


When you are taping, you want to make sure you put the tape on the “background color” stripes of the wall.  This means that you will alternate placing the tape above and below the intersecting marks you drew to achieve the same thickness of stripes when its all said and done.  After you have painted and removed the tape, your stripes will all be the same.  In this photo of my wall below, the triangles at the top and the two skinnier chevron rows will remain the wall color and the three thicker rows will be painted the gray color.


As you continue to tape and mark your intersecting lines, make sure you start your measuring in the right place.  This is how I messed up at first.  If you are about to tape a row you intend to paint (in this photo below it was the gray row), then start your measuring at the bottom of the point and make your next two intersecting lines.


If you are about to tape a “background color” row, then start your measuring at the top of the point like this.  Then make your next two intersecting points on that vertical line.


Another thing that was helpful for me was to write “gray” on the stripe that would be painted as I was taping so I would know for the following row where to put my new line of tape.  Before I started doing that, I messed up my taping for a bit and had to re-do a row so this was super helpful for me.


As you are taping your rows, make sure to check a few spots/per chevron to ensure your row thickness is staying the same.  Below is a gray stripe row so on my wall it should be 10″ thick between the tape lines.


And this photo is of a white stripe row so the 10″ thickness includes the tape.  ???????????????????????????????

On all the rows that are to be painted, you will need to use an exacto knife or razor blade to trim off extra tape.  Its not necessary for the “background color” rows since they won’t be painted.  DSC00196

This will give you a nice clean line for your chevrons.DSC00197

One of my chevrons intersected where a plug was so this is how I taped to make sure I measured as exact as possible.


Whew!  After all that, you now have a beautifully precise taped wall, ready to be painted!!!???????????????????????????????

Make sure to give your little helper(s) a brief amount of attention before you continue so they dont get too sad 🙂DSC00208

This is what the wall looked like after the gray stripes were painted.  See how the gray rows look thicker?  But it will be nicely even after the tape is removed. DSC00211

After you take off all the tape, you will have pencil lines…???????????????????????????????

…and tape blemishes to correct.  Unfortunately, I have never met a roll of painters tape that actually made perfect lines, without blemishes, every time.  I used a little craft paintbrush to cover up all these unwanted marks.  Since my color was light, it took a couple of coats but now you cant see any of them.  DSC00213

Then, stand back and look at all the marvelous-ness!  This pic looks like one of those free online printables that people post about all the time!DSC00218

Now all I need to do is hang some awesome stuff on the wall!  That will likely take me forever to decide what should go up there.


Well, I hope this tutorial is helpful for you.  I tried to explain as best as possible but I realize its kind of hard to describe in words how to do something detailed like this without showing you in person.  But don’t be afraid to give it a try.  After all, if it doesn’t look right or you get tired of it, all you have to do is paint back over it.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will try my best to help you through it.  Good luck and happy chevroning, or striping, or trellising 🙂

Feast of Artisans Winter Market

Hi friends!

I wanted to let you know of one more local market I will be at before the holidays.  I was originally not going to be able to participate in this final Feast of Artisans market, but it has worked out that I can be there, and if you are in town, I think it will be a fun one for you to be at!  Here’s the details: 

First and foremost, we will be accepting donations for Toys for Tots and Interfaith Food Pantry.  There will be collection bins for you to drop off your donations for each group.  You can click on this link to see what the food pantry is currently in need of during this holiday season:

As for the vendor and entertainment lineup, below is a list of who is currently on the schedule for this Wednesday:

Food and Produce

Albus Pecan Farm (Texas shelled pecans, gift packs, pecan oil and cook books)

Big Little Fudge

Bravado Spice (handcrafted sauces made with all natural ingredients)

Edmonds Farm (high quality, fresh, great tasting, local veggies that are farm to market in <24 hours – Spring, TX)

Jackie’s Gourmet (homemade jams, jellies and pickles)

Georgia’s Farm to Market (meat, eggs, local raw honey, seasonl produce, herbs, and fruit – Waller, TX)

Nisha’s Quick-n-Ezee (pre-packaged, locally made Indian cuisine)


No Label Brewery (located in Katy, TX – they will have free samples as well as other products for sale)

Retreat Hill Winery (located in Montgomery, TX – they will have free samples as well as wine by the glass and bottles for sale)

Southern Star Brewery (located in Conroe, TX – they will have free samples as well as other products for sale)

Virtue Coffee (located in Humble, TX – they will have their prepared coffee for sale as well as grounds and beans for you to brew at home)

Artists and Crafters

Bits and Bobs (handcrafted assemblage jewelry)

Lavande (a variety of manufactured lavender products will be offered that is made with locally grown lavendar)

Love and Kindness (handmade soaps and lotions made using natural plant based ingredients)

ML Leather (traditional handcrafted, hand stitched, hand bound leather items)

Olmox (fine filligree, sterling silver handmade jewelry)

Playhouse Boutique (handmade, colorful playhouses that are easy to set up and store)

Urban Owl Knittery (you already know what I make :))

Urban Revelation (orignal screen printed items)

In addition to these vendors above, we will have some great music provided by Mike Amabile & Wade Tanner (who played for us at the Fall Festival), a gift wrapping station and some crafts and games for kiddos and probably a few other things that I am forgetting about :). 

As for Urban Owl, I will have BIG sales for this market!  All items will be 15-50% off the marked price (discount to be applied at time of purchase).  Most items offered this week will be for women. I will have lots of new ear warmers, lightweight scarves, cowls and a few hats, as well as, some  clearance items for babys, kiddos, and the home.  

If you joined us for either of the previous festivals, this will be much the same format!   Come on out and join us if you are around!  As of now, the weather looks like it will be a beautiful Houston evening (not too cold, not too hot – but juuuuust right).


Artist Profile: Cody Vance and ML Leather


Again, I have failed at being a good blogger.  Not sure that I will ever be good at it. But that just means I am having lots of fun creating and meeting lots of other great artists and crafters, right?


And although it’s been a while since I have blogged last, I wanted to make sure to introduce you to one of my new friends that I met this summer.  You know he must be pretty awesome since I chose to write my first blog in MONTHS about him!

Everyone, meet Cody:

Cody is the founder of ML Leather, a small leather business located in The Woodlands, Texas.

Here is a little info about how ML Leather got started, straight from Cody himself:

“In the fall of 2010 I had an idea to create products that were strictly hand-crafted using traditional tools of the trade. By doing this, the product became something so much more than a profitable item. It became something personal; it became a piece of art that I put all of my physical and emotional energy into. I wanted to be able to create something with my own two hands that stood apart from the world I was surrounded by. I wanted to give something to people who could use and gain memories with. Leather over time ages, every scratch or distressed spot holds a story. A story that could easily be passed down to generations to come”

The talented men of ML Leather combine usefulness and function with traditional craftsmanship in all their handmade goods.

Check out some of my favorites…such as this nifty iPad case:

Look how cool it is!

It even has the capability of being used as a stand to hold your iPad while in use.  I really love this item but since I am probably one of very few people in this area, I don’t have an iPad and can’t use one…wah wah 😦

Another one of my favorite items is this:

The Fisherman’s Wallet

It’s slim, yet has so many hidey-holes for all your goods!  Below is a little schematic of how it works:

Perhaps though, I have just spotted the item I would like to get this week at the market, the iPhone Envelope Case.

Simple, and perfect.   The pocket opens up on the side and you just slide your phone right in!

But guess what?

Did you know that they and in the middle of their Kickstarter Project?

It’s true!  They were also featured on the front page the very first week it was posted!  This video says it more simply than I could:

If you go here and donate, you can score some of these leather goods for yourself and help out a small business, all in one fail swoop!

The original goal was $3500, which was met!  YAY!

However, they are trying to reach a new goal of $7000 with the deadline of October 21st quickly approaching.

I have truly enjoyed getting to know Cody this summer and am glad I have finally been able to introduce him and ML Leather to you!  And as a recap, here are all the ways you can keep up with ML Leather and where you can find them locally and on the web:

Shop online:  The Leather Nomad

Kickstarter Donation Webpage


**You can also find ML Leather at the Feast of Artisans Farmers Market that I participate in on Wednesday afternoons from 4-8 locally in the Woodlands, TX.

Outtakes from the shop

(Cody and his son, River)


First Day…success!

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of setting up shop for the first time at Feast of Artisans farmers market!  I have been working many hours and preparing for the past three weeks now, along with the help of my dear husband and friends, for this day and it came off beautifully and with only a few snafus along the way.

I was super nervous since it was my first ever booth appearance, anywhere for that matter, and I didn’t really know what to expect.  Plus, I am pretty introverted, in general, so being super talkative and outgoing is sometimes not my strong suit.  On top of my regular nerves, the weather was a little less than cooperative right up until the start of the market and we almost had to cancel.  But luckily, we didn’t and it ended up being cool, windy and cloudy for the whole duration of the market that day!

My friend Daicia came to  help me out and I am so glad she was there because I was having a mini-meltdown at the beginning, but she helped me adjust the set up, due to the weather, and we had a great day hanging out and meeting some of the other vendors and helpers there.

I didn’t get around to all the booths, but I did get to visit with one of the other new artists out that day.  His name is Cody and he one of the artists behind ML Leather.  They make beautiful handcrafted leather products, from all natural materials, and boy does it smell good when you walk by their booth.  I also met a sweet another sweet girl that helped me set up my tent so I could get out from under the rain.  It was a great day!  I sold some stuff, gave out business cards and got to hang out with some friends.  It was so much fun and I am glad it all worked out for the market to be open and the weather to be perfect.

Thanks again to all my family and friends who let me borrow decor, made decor,and helped me get ready for my first day.  I really appreciate all of you! If you live in Houston, make sure to stop by one of these weeks and check us out!

Daicia took these pictures from Wednesday for me.  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Feast of Artisans

As many of you know, I have been looking to “go local” with Urban Owl Knittery for quite a while now, but have never really had a good opportunity with all the moving we have been doing for the last couple of years.  But I am pleased to announce that in just two weeks from today, I will be a participating vendor at the Feast of Artisans farmers market in The Woodlands.


This market is new to the area, with its grand opening having just occurred earlier this past spring.  They currently have two times and locations but I will only be at the Wednesday markets as of now – which is located at The Woodlands Mall in the outside alcove  between Barnes & Noble and Anthropologie.

This was the scene at the start this afternoon, HOT!  More booths are on the other side too but I wasn’t able to get all of them in the picture.  It was definitely a scorcher today so I was glad that I wasn’t roasting out there the whole time today.  Although, I know my time is coming!!!

In preparation for the market, I have been making lots of stuff like cuh-razy!  Since it will be so hot for the next several weeks, I am making lots of accessory items, as well as some new items, such as granny squares trivets & coasters, flower mobiles, and some other new items!  I have probably made about 200 hair clips, and 50 bracelets the past few days alone!  I will still make some winter items, but not in great quantity until September likely.

I have also had lots of fun thinking of how I will be displaying said items!  My friend Daicia has been helping me brainstorm ideas, as well as collect as much “nature” and on-hand items as we can find in our possession to incorporate to the booth design.  I am so thankful for her help, and will be especially glad she will be with me the first day since I have no idea what to expect.  We will at least do a mock booth set up the week before so we can have it all figured out before we get there.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to participate in this market, and hope it is the beginning of many fun experiences to come, at this market and others!  I will be even more excited when the blazing heat subsides and the beautiful fall weather is here 🙂

I would love it if you came to visit me one of the weeks I am there.  I will be there every other Wednesday starting July 11th – November 21st (the day before Thanksgiving).  You dont have to buy anything, just come and visit!  The upcoming dates will always be located on the right sidebar of my blog homepage and I will send out reminders on FB, so make sure to “like” my page if you haven’t already.

If you want more info about the market, visit their website by clicking on the link above, or visit their FB page.  You can sign up for email notifications if you so desire as well.

See you there!

Announcing: the new blog format!

Bum, ba duh bum!!!!!!!!

Here it is, my new and improved crafty blog.  I have been working on updates and re-formatting for a few weeks now and it’s ready to be unveiled to you. Let me first explain the name.

For weeks and weeks, I had that song, “I’m Sexy And I Know It” stuck in my head.  Only sometimes the preggo you-tube version also.  Then I started singing my one little version called, you guessed it, “Im Crafty And I Know It.”  It went something like this:

“I’m crafty and I know it…Hey, look at my knitting.  Hey, look at my baking.  Hey, look at my crafting.  I LOVE YARN!”

You get the idea…and now fully realize how much of a nerd I am 🙂  Probably only my sister, mom, husband and Katie will appreciate this since they are the ones that know how much I like to make up my own versions of existing songs!  Matt suggested we make a YouTube video but I doubt that will happen.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.

But anyway, I have taken some snap shots of different portions of the website so I can give you a walk through and show you where all the new stuff is.  So here it goes:

First, I would like to draw your attention to the tabs at the top of the homepage.  Here is where you can find more information about me, if you didnt know already :), about my Indie biz, the current charities I am involved in with my knitting & crocheting and most importantly, easy access to my recipe and tutorial journals.  Just click on any of these tabs and they will take you to where you want to go.

When you click on any of the top tabs, the page it takes you to will look like this one.  The example below is of my recipe journal.  I have organized it similar to many food bloggers…topically with links to individual blog posts about a certain recipe.  Just click on the title of the dish and it will direct you to the blog I wrote about it (which includes the recipe of course)!  This is an ever-growing list so right now, all categories might not have a recipe for it.

Also, I should note that at the bottom of this recipe journal are links to some other bakers/food bloggers that I follow.

The tutorials tab is organized in the same way as the recipe journal.  Just click on the topic of interest and it will direct you to the blog post I wrote.

Next, I would like to direct you to the side bar of my homepage.  At the top is where you can find a topical search bar that allows you to search the blog for anything you are looking for or old blogs.  And just underneath is a new feature I didn’t have before.  Here I will announce things like giveaways Urban Owl Knittery is participating in on other blogs, or local venues I am involved with as well.

Underneath is the link to my Etsy shop as well as my Facebook page for easy access.  Make sure to “like” my FB page if you dont already.  I do some giveaways just on there from time to time and post different stuff that doesn’t always make it on the blog.

Another new feature is this donations tab on my sidebar.  It is for anyone to donate funds towards the purchase of yarn that will solely be used to make hats that will be donated to the newborns at Memorial  Hermann Hospital in The Woodlands, TX.  Currently, that is the only place that I donate hats to on a regular basis but I plan to add other charities as time goes on.  You can read more about “Beanies for Bambinos” in my Giving Back section at the top of the homepage.  And please BY NO MEANS, feel like you have to donate.  I just have it here in case anyone wants to and because it has been mentioned to me in the past.

Then following the donate tab, is an index about some topics that I write about on my blog.

Next, at the bottom of my sidebar is an index of the fabulous photographers I have had the pleasure to work with and a few that I just love along with the links to their websites.  They are located in cities all over the country so make sure to check them out if you are looking for someone to photograph your next photo session.

Lastly, there is a tab to some other great crafting bloggers that I enjoy and get inspiration from.

I hope this little walk though has been helpful and that you enjoy the new setup as much as I do.  My goal in changing the format was to inspire me to write more for your benefit and mine.  Because I must admit, writing blogs is challenging for me!  Here’s to new designs and crafting…cheers!